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If shopify is self-hosted and provides security checks, why do I need your support?

While Shopify takes regular backups of your site it is primarily to be used in the event that shopify is compromised and needs to restore your site. If you or someone working for you accidentally deletes products, themes, pages, or posts Shopify does not provide that backups for your use. WhatArmy takes backups to insure you have the necessary files to revert your site to a previous state. Additionally, while Shopify runs all it’s own backups it does not review your site to insure it still works, nor will they correct any compatibility issues that result from custom themes or third party apps. At WhatArmy we review your site after every Shopify update to insure that your checkout, theme, and integrations are still working properly.
Last we provide a staging environment and keep it up to date with your live store. This way you can test out new ideas in a safe environment for your team to view without publishing it to the world

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